• Ballotine de Volaille w/ rice and vegetables

    Something nice and easy. I call it casual elegance.

    Ballotine de Volaille w/ rice and vegetables
    (AKA Stuffed Chicken w/ rice and vegetables)
    Serves 6

    6 boneless, skinless chicken thighs
    Fresh string beans
    Epicure Selections Butcher’s Block Sea Salt
    Epicure Selections Roast Chicken Seasoning
    Epicure Selections Herb and Garlic Dip Mix
    5 ml oil

    Preheat oven to 200C (400F).

    Place chicken thighs so that it lays flat between 2 pieces of plastic wrap, or wax paper. Gently pound the chicken so that it is an even thickness. A heavy pan works well to do this quickly.

    Once the chicken has been pounded lightly season the chicken on both sides with a light pinch of the three seasonings. With the “inside” of the chicken thigh facing upwards, place a small bundle of string beans on the chicken, in the same direction the bone used to be in. Be careful that you do not overstuff the chicken as it will not hold its shape while cooking. Roll the chicken back into shape. You should overlap the ends of the chicken slightly so that it will remain “sealed” as it cooks.

    In an oven proof pan, heat a little bit of oil. Place the chicken in the pan, sealed side down, and let brown a few minutes. Don’t play with the chicken to check if it has browned, this will break the seal on the chicken and will not give a nice presentation. Once a few minutes has passed, carefully flip the chicken over with tongs, and let the “top” brown a few minutes. Be watchful, if your chicken was overstuffed, it will want to split open. If it does so, and you cannot get the chicken to hold it’s seal, you can use a couple of wooden toothpicks to hold the chicken in shape. Once the top has browned, flip over, one last time, and place in the oven to finish cooking. The temperature of the meat should read 75C (170F).

    Remove the chicken from the oven and let rest, covered, 5-10 minutes. This will allow the chicken to gently finish cooking.

    Serve with steamed rice & vegetables of choice.


  • Small Jamaican FlavourJamaican Jive Breast of Chicken for two

    Jamaican Jive Breast of Chicken w/ Steamed vegetables à l’ail

    Small Jamaican Flavour

    2 Breast of Chicken, boneless and skinless
    15 ml Vegetable oil
    30 ml Epicure Selections Jamaican Jive Glaze
    Epicure Selections Butcher’s Block Sea Salt, to taste

    600 g seasonal vegetables
    10 ml Epicure Selections Herb & Garlic Dip Mix

    Lightly season the chicken breast with the Butcher’s Block Sea Salt. Place the chicken in a resealable bag. Add the Jamaican Jive and vegetable oil, and massage the seasoning onto the chicken. Let it marinate 10-15 minutes on the counter, or in the refrigerator for a longer period.

    Cook in a hot pan, or on the BBQ, until internal temperature reaches 165-170F at the thickest part of the chicken. Remove from pan, and let rest, covered, for 10 minutes.

    In the meantime, place seasonal vegetables into Epicure Selections Silicone Steamer and sprinkle Herb and Garlic Dip Mix over the vegetables. Place the steamer in the microwave and cook for 4-8 minutes (depending on strength of microwave and amount of vegetables).

    Serve hot, with a nice cool drink. Enjoy!

    PS: Find the deliciously healthy ingredients that made this meal lusciously decadent here: http://bit.ly/LVIris


  • Heart and Stroke Foundation Fundraiser

    In my family, all of my grand-parents had heart issues. One of my grand-mothers went to a nursing home because she had a stroke. My dad has had heart problems for over a dozen years now. So the chances that I will have heart problems are pretty high. The chances that my kids inherited it are higher still.

    In Canada, February is Heart Month. We try to raise awareness about heart disease, and shine a spotlight on the risks. We probably all know someone personally who struggles with heart disease. It’s why I’m holding a fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. To make a difference in the lives of the people that I love – My dad, my kids…

    As an Epicure Selections Consultant, I am selling two items specifically as a fundraiser. All of my proceeds will go to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The first is our Extraordinary Cheese Dip Fundraiser Bundle for $20. The second is our Take 5 Roast Chicken Dinner Bundle at $40, pictured here: Heart and Stroke

    We all need to be aware of heart disease, and what it means for our families. We should all be doing our best to reduce our risks. The Heart and Stroke Foundation can do the research, but we need to make the proper changes to our own lives in order to live long lives free of heart disease. One way to do that is to eat foods that are good for the heart.

    With Epicure Selections products in hand, we can easily make the change to a heart healthy diet. Our products are versatile, and for the most part low sodium. It is easy to reduce sugar in our diet if we are satisfied with our meals. It is simple to lower the fat content in our diet if our food is delicious.

    The company was started by a Canadian mom who wanted to feed her family good, healthy food, that was easy and quick to prepare. She wasn’t satisfied by what she was finding on the shelves of her local grocery store, so she created something for herself. Soon her friends and family wanted her secret ingredients, and she found herself selling her products from the back of her station wagon.

    From there the company quickly grew into one of the top Canadian Direct Sales companies, and with good reason! The products delicious and versatile. Made in Canada, they are certified 100% Gluten Free (as of May 2013), and Nut Free. They are MSG Free – unless the MSG is naturally occurring in a food item such as in tomatoes. They are leading the charge for GMO Free certification. With Epicure Selections products in your pantry, you are only limited by your own imagination!

    If you are interested in donating to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, please send me an e-mail at Chef . Johane @ gmail . com. My fundraiser ends on February 28th, so hurry!

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